Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Look,Thomas is here!

Look, It's THOMAS! Frieze Book 

A pull-out frieze book with high-contrast pictures designed to stimulate early visual activity. Baby will love the bright and bold pictures of Thomas and his friends.  

Red ribbon for opening and closing of the book will surely make your baby busy with it.
2 out of  7 seven pages with primary color
From birth to three months, your baby only can see white, black and gray. Pull out black/white/red side of Thomas frieze book and  get his/her attention o n book. The black/white/red consist of 7 pages

3 out of 5 pages of colorful Thomas and Friends
After three months,your baby eyesight is developing and able to see more colors. Let him/her enjoy seeing Thomas and Friends
This book is designed to stimulate early visual activity with high contrast, bold pictures to help baby's focusing, tracking and object recognition.

Look,It's Thomas

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