Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cyril Squirrel Find His Blanket

Have you ever lost your favorite thing? Well yo'll know what Cyril feels like. Spend the day with Cyril and help him find his blanket. When you have found it you can keep the blanket in its special safe pouch at the back of the book! For ever and ever Cyril will never lose it again.
Play with pull-out little squirrel which stimulate your baby's fingers.
Interesting story about Cyril trying to find his blanket.
See,pull out the squirrel from his tree house and go to his kitchen.
You can open the fridge,take out the bread and relocate
the egg.

Lets find his blanket in the room.
Take out his sock from his bed

 Well presented in its own packaging
Cyril Squirrel  Find His Blanket

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