Thursday, 13 September 2012

KItchen Set Toy With Light And Sound

Introducing..irresistible kitchen stop for toddler.Cuba bayangkan anak anda bermain dengannya.Kalo permainan yang menelan belanja yang agak tinggi macam ni,selalunya akan diberi sebagai hadiah hari jadi.Jadi apa tunggu lagi,hadiahkan anak anda Kitchen Set Toy walaupun tanpa apa-apa sebab.  


Play house toys, kitchen toys, kitchen utensils,
toys, girl, with light sound, with a microwave oven

Package consist of:

Gas stove

1 set pots and lid
Frying spoon, 1 table spoon, 2 cups, saucers dishes, 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 large knife, 1 small knife, a bottle of pepper sauce.
With sound and light
height: 69cm, Length: 51.1cm, Width: 15cm
Weighty: 1811gram

Price: RM90
Postage: RM10

Kitchen Set Toy
Postage: RM10 (Semenanjung Malaysia)

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