Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mix and Match Activity Blocks

Jom ajar anak mengira dengan blok kain yg comel-comel ni..diperbuat dari kain kotton yg lembut dan berwarna-warni ! ade 6 blok kain sesuai untuk bayi 6 bulan-2tahun belajar mengira !

Materials: Fabric and filled with cotton

Measurement: Each block about 8*8*8 cm
Suitable: 6m +

Description: bright colors and happy faced characters promote visual stimulation for baby! It come in a rainbow of bright colors and bold patterns that stimulate baby's vision. The clutching and stacking the soft blocks strengthens hand-eye coordination and the ribbons, crinkle, and soft textures invite baby to explore more, stimulating their tactile senses. The crinkles and rattles awaken baby's auditory awareness making this a great gift idea and educational toy!
Mix and Match Activity Blocks
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